Access Control

Texas Technical Services, Inc. takes pride in providing products from industry leading manufacturers. The products we carry span parking revenue control, access control, CCTV, and much more. Some may wonder how we are able to provide products from so many top tier manufacturers? Our success is based on the following factors:

  • Industry experience- 25 years in business
  • Quality employees- over 100 years collective experience and several generations
  • Training- employees are trained in the latest technologies along with manufacturer training programs
  • Industry Reputation- Texas Technical Services, Inc. has always been respected by manufacturers because of our capability to execute projects correctly the first time without expending manufacturer’s time and resources
  • Trade Associations- Texas Technical is a proud member of ASIS and ParkNet.Group
  • Member/Owner of PSA- Professional Security Alliance. PSA is not only a cooperative for purchasing products from industry leaders, but a true leader when it comes to training.

Why are the above factors important to Texas Technical Services, Inc.? They are important because leading manufacturers like to align themselves with leading integrators. Manufacturers know leading integrators by years in business, investment in resources and training, and reputation. So when you are looking through our product page, you can feel safe that you are looking at products that will meet and in most cases exceed your expectations. We at Texas Technical Services, Inc. are happy you found us, and if you do not find the product you need, please contact us and we will make every effort to help.

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